About Us

NATANA is a first-of-its-kind, fine arts club for Technopark employees and functions under the auspices of Technopark and GTech. In a place like Technopark most of us are far away from our roots & people and are totally immersed in the four walls of our work place. Deep within each of us, lies a passion that is egging to break free when presented with the right platform and opportunity. NATANA aims at providing an opportunity for the Technopark community to develop their artistic talents or discover a new passion to pursue. We also aim to showcase a variety of traditional art forms and support their propagation.

This forum would cater to all creative art forms; from photography to film making, from kathakali to street hip-hop, from script writing to theatre arts and more. By conducting workshops, exhibitions, discussions and exchange programmes, NATANA aims at giving Technopark employees the perfect balance of life and getting then back in touch with people who share their interest in the pursuit of art.

Currently the members of NATANA are a small bunch of employees from various firms in Technopark who meet on a regular basis and plan upcoming events. Feel free to join hands with us and pursue your passion.